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Texto 1: Equanimidade, os outros imensuráveis, e seu real potencial interno

How equanimity helps on cultivating all the other Immeasurables

Equanimity begins with not discriminating or being biased towards those you love, get along with easily, or who are agreeable to you. It means not generating aggression from those you don’t get along with, who are different from you — or even worse, from those that have hurt you in some way in the past. As long as there is discrimination and bias, we won’t be able to have the full therapeutic benefit that the other three Immeasurables can give us. It is also debatable if without a mental sense of equal positive attitude to all beings any other of the Immeasurables can be generated totally sincerely and purely. This, in the end it is very important not to develop discrimination or bias even if what we want is real loving kindness and real compassion and real rejoicing.

If we want to benefit only people who are nice to us, we are somewhat pulled back mentally as we draw again a division of us versus others. We start to be the center of our actions again – after all the nice people are nice to us. So, as a famous Buddhist teacher once repeated over and over, let’s make our minds more vast. Instead of letting our minds be a self-directed pond let’s make our mind a vast ocean.

Equanimity and the Nature of Mind

So far, the objective of our developing of the Four Immeasurables has been sentient beings. This object-oriented approach is called the “relative approach.” It is always good to develop and practice in this way, but the actual study and practice of the Four Immeasurables can go even beyond this. It is said in Buddhism that these immeasurable qualities are the normal state of your own mind when the obscurations on the mind are not there. So, philosophically speaking, the objective to cultivate the Four Immeasurables can be to reach the ultimate potential that your mind already has.

The Four Immeasurables are taught knowing that the core of your nature is nothing but kind, nothing but compassionate, nothing but joyful, nothing but impartial. From this point of view, the practice of the Four Immeasurables does not “progress” from loving kindness to compassion to joyfulness and to equanimity. It starts with all these together as the way is to put your own mind closer and closer to its innate nature. Mind then recognizes its nature to be none other than the flow of loving kindness, compassion, and joy, all infused with equanimity.

There are meditations that directly focus on this theme of the nature of the mind, and they are said to be more advanced, but it is good to notice now that even this advanced meditations correlates deeply with the Immeasurables. When you talk about doing meditation and developing mindfulness, awareness, and so on, keep this in mind. What you have undertaken in the last days of our Journey is the very essential approach of knowing what is your basic nature — and through that, illuminate the natural and universal qualities of impartial kindness and impartial compassion and impartial rejoicing inside yourself.

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